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OPE体育电竞官方网站:Apple hires Burberry CEO to spruce up its retail operation苹果雇佣巴宝莉首席执行官强化其零售业务CUPERTINO, California-October 14, 2013-Apple today announced that Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry, will be joining Apple in a newly created position, as a senior vice president and member of our executive team, reporting to CEO Tim Cook.2013年10月14日,加州库珀迪诺的苹果公司宣告巴宝莉首席执行官安吉拉·阿伦德加盟苹果,供职一个新的成立职位,兼任高级副总裁和我们的继续执行团队成员,并向首席执行官蒂姆·库克报告。Ahrendts will have oversight of the strategic direction, expansion and operation of both Apple retail and online stores, which have redefined the shopping experience for hundreds of millions of customers around the world. Apple retail stores set the standard for customer service with innovative features like the Genius Bar, Personal Setup and One to One personal training to help customers get the most out of their Apple products.阿伦德将不会监督苹果零售店和网上商店的战略方向,扩展和运营,苹果的在线商店新的定义了全球各地数亿消费者的购物体验。苹果的零售店通过创意的特色,诸如天才吧,个人设置和一对一个性化培训协助消费者理解他们的苹果产品,竖立了消费者服务标准。I am thrilled that Angela will be joining our team, said Cook. She shares our values and our focus on innovation, and she places the same strong emphasis as we do on the customer experience. She has shown herself to be an extraordinary leader throughout her career and has a proven track record.库克回应:“很高兴安吉拉将重新加入我们的团队,她跟我们的价值观完全相同,跟我们一样专心于创意,和我们一样推崇消费者体验。


她早已在自己的职业生涯中证明了自己头脑的领导力,并且记录较好。”I am profoundly honored to join Apple in this newly created position next year, and very much look forward to working with the global teams to further enrich the consumer experience on and offline, said Ahrendts. I have always admired the innovation and impact Apple products and services have on peoples lives and hope in some small way I can help contribute to the companys continued success and leadership in changing the world.阿伦德说道:“需要在明年重新加入苹果供职新的成立的职位,我感到荣幸,我十分期望与全球团队合作,更进一步非常丰富消费者的线上线下体验。我仍然很敬佩苹果产品和服务的创意以及它们对人们生活的影响力,并且我期望从一些细节上能协助增进公司的持续性顺利以及转变世界的领导力”Ahrendts will join Apple in the spring from Burberry, where she serves as CEO and has led the company through a period of outstanding global growth. Prior to Burberry, she was executive vice president at Liz Claiborne Inc., and earlier in her career she served as president of Donna KOPE体育电竞官方网站aran International.阿伦德将不会咋明年春天从巴宝莉加盟苹果,她在巴宝莉兼任首席执行官,在其任职期间,公司步入了一段时间的强势的全球快速增长。

在巴宝莉之前,她是Liz Claiborne公司的继续执行副总裁,在职业生涯更加早期,她是唐娜·凯伦国际的总裁。Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.苹果公司设计世界上最差的个人电脑Mac,还有OSX操作系统,iWork办公软件以及其他专业软件。苹果通过iPod播放器以及iTunes在线音乐商店引导了数字音乐革命。

苹果通过革命性的iPhone和App Store软件商店新的发明者了手机,并且通过iPad定义了移动媒体和计算机设备的未来。|OPE体育电竞官方网站。